Making-of for the picture « Tagada milk drop »

WeeklyPhotoProject2015 n°03 Try a new technique (making-of)

WeeklyPhotoProject2015 #WPP2015
Week 3/52 : Try a new technique
Making-of for the picture « Tagada milk drop » 

First time doing milk drops… Not easy to have the drop bouncing on the surface ! It was fun trying it over and over but my living room is a mess now 🙂 I was inspired by the work of +Valerie Sangui​​​ : I’ve put a glass ball just on the surface of the liquid and dropped my milk drop on the sphere to have this boucing effect. I made a pin hole on the bottom of a small bottle filled with milk and used my microwave grid to put the bottle on top of the glass ball. You need to be lucky : I just managed to have 2 such pictures out of 50 🙂

Making-of for the picture « Smiling Orange vs. Jack-o’-Lantern »


WeeklyPhotoProject2014 #WPP2014 
Week 51/52 : Smiles
Making-of for the picture « Smiling Orange vs. Jack-o’-Lantern »

The easy cooking recipe :
– cut an orange in half
– with a knife, make the holes for the eyes and the mouth
– put the room in the dark
– use a flashlight to illuminate the orange from the inside (I just put the orange slice on top of the flashlight)
– take the picture of your glowing smiling orange
– eat the orange 
– clean the mess 🙂