Old Lovers @ Ile Saint Louis, Paris, France

WeeklyPhotoProject2015 n°02 Street Photography

WeeklyPhotoProject2015 #WPP2015 – Week 2/52 : Street photography &
Black&WhiteProject26 #BWProject26 – Theme 1/26: New Beginnings

Old lovers @ Ile Saint Louis, Paris, France

I was lucky today : there was a bright sun in the sky after many days of rain. I was walking in the center of Paris on the « Ile Saint Louis » (Saint Louis island) which is mainly pedestrian. When I saw this old couple walking arm in arm towards me and with the sun in my back, I knew I could do some black & white picture with the couple as a silhouette and the shadows on the pavement. While they passed me, I just had 2 seconds to turn back, make a few adjustementd and take the picture ! That’s what I love in street photography : you have to be lucky and wait for That moment… but as long as you have not seen the picture on a big screen, you cannot know if you have been able to catch this fleeting moment ! I took 3 pictures of the old couple walking down the street but only one was successful 🙂

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